The editing process can be enjoyable and educational – really! You have a story, and I’d like to help you get it out there to readers.

I’ll help you with coaching, developmental editing, line editing, or proofreading to clean up your manuscript and enhance the story you need to tell. If a beta read is all you need (so poetic!), then I offer comments and suggestions to tighten your story and freshen those characters. I have a background in teaching and love supporting new or established writers.

Let’s talk about what you need, and I’ll take a quick look at your manuscript and provide a quote and free sample for you. Authors’ books are frequently Tweeted, posted in Facebook groups, and added to ePen eNews.


Mysteries, Cozies, Urban Fantasy, Romances, Paranormal


Developmental editing takes a broad approach.  We’ll focus on plot, character, dialogue, tone, and style. I’ll offer comments, suggestions, changes, and informational links to help you tighten and strengthen your story.


Thorough copyediting makes your manuscript a smoother read. If errors in punctuation, sentence phrasing, hyphens v. em dashes, and verb tense agreement are found, even the kindhearted reader will send your book to the bottom of the TBR pile. Copyediting also ensures consistency, like making sure that Duncan MacDonald doesn’t become Dugan McDonald in a later chapter.


Once your manuscript has been edited, proofreading polishes up commas, cleans up word use, and checks for style, punctuation and grammar issues. This stage is just before you’re ready to publish.

Annie is excellent at tidying up my manuscripts, helping me present readers with a polished book every time! She’s quick, dependable, and always great at catching the little things that slip past me.
C. Greenwood, USA Today Bestselling Author

I write Australian stories for a global audience and there’s one person I can rely on to ensure we all end up speaking the same language. She’s a whiz at highlighting obscure slang, catching niggling errors and ensuring my books are as clean and professional looking as possible. She’s a joy to work with, a font of knowledge and an endless source of positivity and support. 

Every writer needs a strong, smart editor with a sense of humor. I am fortunate to have found that person in Annie. She has a wonderful sixth sense about what I’m trying to say and sculpts my intentions into understandable form. I cannot recommend her highly enough if you are looking for the best possible burnishing of your tender manuscript
H. Byron Ballard, Embracing Willendorf

Annie was amazing. As she worked with my characters she made sure they all kept their voice and personality while tightening up my free-spirited writing. In addition to the editing, she also gave me so many helpful tips to send me down the right path on my journey. I will definitely be using her for my future books. Thank you, thank you!
C.B. Malamphy, Author

How did I ever publish a book before Annie came along? I thought I had a firm grasp on grammar, but she catches things I never knew were mistakes. I’ve had readers comment on how well edited my books are now, something that never happened before I made the investment with the Editing Pen. If you’re writing, you need to put your book in front of a great editor before you hit “publish,” and Annie’s the best.
Linda Crowder, The Deadly Art of Deception

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