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Tea? Check. Coffee? Check.
Cookies? Of course. Time for Author Interviews!


These brave authors stopped by the interview room to share their struggles, writing tips, strange research methods, and what weird things they have on their desks. And they bring me gifts: a mansion, a puppy, a shoelace, a turtle. What will I get next…?


Tea, a Good Mystery, and Ursula Marlow

   Tea and Mystery and Ursula Marlow By Clare Langley-Hawthorne It's so delightful when authors stop over to visit. When Ms. Langley-Hawthorne dropped by, I couldn't decide whether to serve English Breakfast or Earl Grey. Which would you serve? When my...

Murder at the Marlowe Club and Edwardian Manners

What a treat to have Kate Parker stop by and impart some manners! Well, Edwardian manners. Have you ever thought about how it would be for you to live during that era? Historical Cozy Mystery 2nd in Series Publisher: JDP Press Edwardian Manners Imagine every man...

Julie’s Coffee Cup with a Dollop of Granny

Julie's Coffee Cup.  And Granny. by Julie Seedorf, Author of the Fuschia, Minnesota, Mysteries I can’t imagine a life without coffee. I remember my first introduction to coffee. I was nineteen years old and held my first job as a receptionist in an office. Coffee...

Have you bloomed yet? Connie Berry talks about dreams deferred.

LATE BLOOMERS & DREAMS DEFERRED by Connie Berry Author of The Kate Hamilton Mystery Series I remember the first time I heard the term late bloomer. My mother and I were meeting my second-grade teacher in the new school I'd be attending that fall. I was supposed to...

Dialogue Techniques, One Dead, Two to Go

Elena Hartwell VisitsI love meeting fellow playwrights and chatting about stage vs. books. Today Elena Hartwell, author of One Dead, Two to Go is my guest, and I brewed a new selection of black tea. I also had some fresh coffee on hand just in case. Come on in and...

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