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Coffeehouse Mysteries by Cleo Coyle

Coffeehouse Mysteries by Cleo Coyle   Honey Roasted Cozy Mystery, 19th in SeriesBerkley (January 25, 2022) Clare Cosi is busy as a bee planning her honeymoon when murder buzzes into the Village...

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Tea Shop Mysteries by Laura Childs

  Haunted Hibiscus (A Tea Shop Mystery)Cozy Mystery22nd in SeriesPublisher: Berkley  Reviewby Julie S., staff reviewer I love these Tea Shop Mysteries. Settling in to read Haunted Hibiscus felt as...

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Gluten-Free Murder by P. D. Workman

P. D. Workman's Gluten-free Murder https://dl.bookfunnel.com/4p94d2ap0k Julie S., Staff Reviewer Reading the title of P. D. Workman's Gluten-Free Murder, I thought it was going to be another fluffy...

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Across the Lake by Nancy LiPetri

Across the Lake Nancy LiPetri Contemporary Fiction Skye S., Staff Reviewer As a North Carolinian, the many North Carolina references scattered throughout the book warmed my heart. I especially loved...

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UnOriginal Sin by Pat Herbert

UnOriginal Sin by Pat Herbert Review by Julie S., Staff Reviewer Jack the Ripper. Much has been written about the famous serial killer alive in the 1800s, who preyed on prostitutes in and around the...

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Bait and Witch by Angela Sanders

Bait and Witch By Julie S., staff reviewer Do I believe in magic? I wasn’t sure when I began the book whether I could get caught up in the story. I knew anything with the word witch in the title...

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Meet Isabel Puddles by M. V. Byrne

Meet Isabel Puddles by M. V. Byrne Review by Julie S. Anyone named Isabel Puddles was sure to have a quirky life, quirky friends, and a quirky mystery. Isabel Puddles quickly lets us into her life...

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Drops of Cerulean

     A story of love, loss, and rebirth Skye, Staff Reviewer Spanning the years 1930–2014, Drops of Cerulean chronicles the lives of Ilona, the daughter of a Greek restaurateur, who...

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Death Distilled

Death Distilled Cozy Mystery 2nd in Series Alibi (September 5, 2017) Print Length 300 pages E-Book ASIN: B01N6FSSUX by McKenna, Staff Reviewer Exciting, riveting, and intricately detailed. These are...

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Things Unsaid

Things Unsaid, by Diana Y. Paul by McKenna, Staff Reviewer Does anyone else remember reading The Glass Menagerie in high school? For those who don’t, it’s a play about a family that appears normal...

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Catherine Lloyd’s Death Comes to London

Death Comes to London By Catherine Lloyd Ease into the London Season with this enjoyable Regency England mystery. Dress for a social gathering at the ever important Almack’s, be privy to the sweet...

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Spilling the Tea

by Lucy Leaf, Advice Columnist

I love to share what’s been brewing in the back of my head. And I love giving advice. It’s as if once the tea is brewed and the cookies are on the table, the sage wisdom just pours forth. Should you have a question about books, writing, dogs, cats, tea, coffee, or cookies, drop me line.

Those I can solve will be posted HERE.

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