Death Comes to London

By Catherine Lloyd

Ease into the London Season with this enjoyable Regency England mystery. Dress for a social gathering at the ever important Almack’s, be privy to the sweet interplay between protagonist Lucy and her friend Robert, then listen carefully during a scandalous and shocking scene overheard by all.

While there are heated moments and rising action, the overall tone of this story is proper and reserved, and steps back from any emotional turmoil or passion, which seems just right for this time period, as if formally served on a tray with the morning post. The casual placement of exposition and subtle bits of foreshadowing are a welcome quiet at times. But then the pace quickens and swirls through a lake’s murky depths, whips atop a window ledge, bubbles into a darkened room of herbals and powders, then splashes a deep blood red onto a crisp new gown. The resolution of the murder does not resolve the changing relationship between Lucy and Robert nor the hurt surely to follow in the next book. We can only wait patiently over tea to find out how those two will proceed.


Catherine Lloyd grew up in London, England, in the middle of a large family of girls. She quickly decided her imagination was a wonderful thing and was often in trouble for making stuff up. She finally worked out she could make a career out of this when she moved to the USA with her husband and four children and began writing fiction. With a background in historical research and a love of old-fashioned mysteries, she couldn’t resist the opportunity to wonder what a young Regency Miss Marple might be like, and how she would deal with a far from pleasant hero of the Napoleonic wars.

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