Have you been inside Granny’s mind?  It’s a strange place.  Intriguing, fun, perplexing in a good way, and did I mention fun?  In Julie Seedorf’s second book featuring Hermiony Vidalia Criony Fiddlestadt (Granny), our leading lady takes it upon herself to solve yet another crime in her beloved town of Fuschia, Minnesota.  Now, there are many types of mysteries, ‘cozies’ being one of them.  But add a sub-category here and call it a wild ride with a cool, funny lady. While the crime may be real and could very well happen in your own town, the main character is a combination of ‘don’t take the elderly for granted,’ and ‘how about just some light fun reading for a night.’ There is enough in this series to hook you in with character, plot and plenty of small town attitude. In this second book, a neighbor’s child, Granny’s son, Franklin’s shocking announcement, and a flurry of fur, all come together to reward us with new insight into Granny’s heart.   Character names, dialogue style, and Granny’s outrageous eating habits (but she sure does know good coffee) set the tone for a comedic spin away from a serious mystery.  And that’s okay.  Because I’ve grown quite fond of Granny.  In Book 3, Granny Snows a Sneak, it is a delight to see her growth, learn a few secrets, and see what’s really in her refrigerator.