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CookmanWell, hello again! Lovely to be back. Last time I was here, in 2013, I was talking about Drink. What shall I talk about this time? Music, perhaps? As Murder Out of Tune is about a ukulele group, something which is somewhat of a craze in England at the moment, so my son thought it might make a good starting point for another Libby adventure.
Music features heavily in my life, as my father and my husband were both professional musicians/singers, and my four children have followed in their footsteps. I have even been known to sing on stage when a part called for it, although my family would probably not call it singing. Especially my second daughter, who trained at the prestigious Royal Academy of Music in London.

Funnily enough, I haven’t yet had much music in the books, although a drummer came under suspicion in Murder In The Monastery. But then, drummers are usually suspicious! But next October, the 16th Libby Sarjeant will be released, entitled Murder En Pointe, from which title you will gather it is about The Ballet, or at least one particular ballet company. So I expect there to be quite a lot of music in that one.

Before that, Murder In The Blood comes out in May, or possibly June, based partially in an area of Turkey I visit every year, so a slight change of location, although I shall bring them all back to England at some point, as I have letters of complaint if they don’t spend most of their time “at home”.  I hope you enjoy Murder Out of Tune, and there are 13 and a half others out there if you do. Once again, thank you, Annie, for having me on the blog.

The fourteenth book in the Libby Sarjeant series of British murder mysteries which features a retired actress as the female sleuth and are based in the picturesque village of Steeple Martin. All 14 of her Libby Sarjeant books have reached number one in their genre charts on Amazon UK.
About The Author
A former actor, model and freelance journalist, Lesley Cookman lives on the Kent coast in the UK, has four musicians as children, two small grandchildren and two cats, Lady Godiva and Gloria.

murder out of tuneMurder Out of Tune – A Libby Sarjeant Murder Mystery




Lesley Cookman introduces us to various places to drink tea or coffee.  And well some other beverages, too.

I’m a British mystery author – categorised by Amazon as “Cozy”. My Libby Sarjeant series is set in the county of Kent in South East England, and my eponymous heroine lives in a village called Steeple Martin. She is a director of the Oast Theatre in the village, owned by her partner Ben, so a lot of her adventures involve productions at the theatre, but she gets involved in all sorts of strange situations, frequently where there is some kind of connection to a historical event.

Her partner in crime (!) is Fran, who is an occasional and reluctant psychic, and most of their conversations occur over cups of tea. Pots of it. And if it isn’t tea, it’s red wine, or possibly whisky, but if Fran’s driving back to her home in the little seaside town of Nethergate, she’ll have coffee.

Libby’s friend Harry, chef-patron of the Pink Geranium, a vegetarian Mexican restaurant in the village, keeps a pot of coffee going permanently on his old pour-over coffee machine, so Libby is always supplied with a large mugfull whenever she pops in to see him. Of course, she’s usually there long enough to have a glass of red wine as well.

Another meeting place for Libby and her group of friends is the pub, also in the high street. This is where Chief Detective Inspector Ian Connell frequently joins them on a Wednesday evening for an informal chat about the current case, and he always has coffee, of course! They also meet in the the foyer bar of the theatre, and many other village pubs all over my fictional area of Kent.

Libby’s drinking has prompted various reviewers to ask if Libby has – ahem – a problem, and one who said they were like Enid Blyton books with gin instead of ginger beer. (Enid Blyton being a famous old children’s author.) Another reviewer said “In this 7th book of the series Libby Sarjeant makes tea 59 (!!!) times”. It wasn’t a favourable review, and I wondered why he or she had bothered to count?

Libby has had thirteen adventures to date, and if you’d like to try them, start with the first one http://www.amazon.com/Murder-Steeple-Martin-Sarjeant-Mystery-ebook/dp/B0088OVJTQ/

Libby also likes cats (an essential for this sort of book!) and shares her house with Sidney, a silver tabby with attitude, while Fran shares hers with Balzac, a long haired black and white gentleman. If you want to find out any more about me or the books, please visit my website http://www.lesleycookman.co.uk where you will find links to my Facebook and Twitter pages and my (infrequent!) blog.


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