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Dear Lucy

Do Not Disturb doesn’t work anymore! I am trying to get moving on my first novel, but I can’t seem to get past a brief outline. Either my mind is everywhere else, there are too many interruptions, or I can’t stop scrolling on social media. Do you have any advice for me?

Sincerely, too much clicking

Dear TMC

I had the same problem when trying to come up with animal rhymes for my last book. Here’s how I get clicking on the keyboard instead of social media. First take a shower. I know. But go ahead anyway. It will reset your mind and rinse away whatever you were doing. Then brew some Scottish Breakfast tea, put a snack at your desk (cookies recommended), then open up a YouTube ambiance window of a coffee shop and jazzy background music. Add one more item to the routine and remember to do the ritual in the same order every time to train your brain to prep for the transition from chaos to serene writing. And here is the secret. Put a Gone Fishing or On Air or EMT Interruptions Only sign on your door and close that thing. Settle in with your tea and music, and let the creativity flow onto your shiny clean Word document.  You’ll be surprised at how you will soon quickly slip into the zone.

Let me know what sign you tape to your door!



Gone Fishing: Do Not Disturb!

do not disturb

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