Dear Lucy,

I’ve been feeling very sad recently. I’ve been making myself coffee every morning, but I’m starting to really miss my morning Starbucks trip. There’s just something about someone making coffee for me that’s just so special. What should I do?

Sincerely, Tired of brewing my own coffee

Dear Tired,

This is a very tough situation, but know that many are in the same boat as you. Here’s a suggestion:
Tomorrow morning, have your partner or child/roommate/bored college student/neighbor/dog/ stand by your front window. Then get in your car and pull up to the side of your house. Careful of the peonies. Place your order, then repeat it four times, then pull out $15 to give them or just gift wrap your credit card and hand it over, then pull over in the sweltering sun and wait about forty-five minutes. If you really want the full experience, ask them to call out the wrong name when your order is ready. Then you can swing around and grab your now-lukewarm coffee. Then swing back around and tell them it’s the wrong order and you wanted soy milk. Remember to bring your own mug since we all know Starbucks cups aren’t recyclable and your window person may give you a three-cent discount. Enjoy your drive-thru coffee trip!

Love, Lucy Leaf

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