Julie's Coffee Cup

Julie’s Coffee Cup.  And Granny.

by Julie Seedorf, Author of the Fuschia, Minnesota, Mysteries

I can’t imagine a life without coffee. I remember my first introduction to coffee. I was nineteen years old and held my first job as a receptionist in an office. Coffee breaks were a fun time in this office. I was at an impressionable age and I started drinking coffee to fit in with the crowd. I wasn’t exactly enamored of my first cup. It tasted awful. Looking back perhaps it was awful coffee and I didn’t know the difference. I coped by adding a lot of cream and sugar to make it sweeter.

I don’t know when or why over the years I quit using the cream and sugar in my coffee. I now like it black and the blacker the coffee, and the stronger the coffee, the happier I am.

My first task in the morning before anything else is to make the coffee and start my coffee maker. Yes, I know I could do it the night before and put it on a timer and it would be ready for me, but my sleepy eyes at night make me forget to do that.

Over the years I have noticed the difference in coffees. I like to try different brands and specialty coffees. I like the ground coffee and the coffee beans that I have to grind. I like some flavored and some hot and plain. The type of coffee I drink can fit my mood and I find it exciting that there are so many choices for us to try.

I love anything to do with coffee. I love unique coffee cups, coffee sayings, coffee pictures and whatever coffee related that I can find. My children, grandchildren and friends worry about me if I don’t have a coffee cup in my hand. Oh, and another thing, I don’t do decaf unless it has a natural process. I am allergic to the formaldehyde in some decaf processes and I get a huge headache and stomach upset shortly after I drink that type of decaf coffee.

Why am I writing about coffee? This post is for a blog that drips coffee and so does my character, Granny, in my Fuchsia Minnesota Series books. It seemed a natural progression for me to include coffee in all of my books. Of course, along with the coffee, my character loves my other favorite foods such as donuts and chocolate. That much of Granny is like me. The rest of Granny is perhaps my dreams of what getting older could be if we took the time to throw out the stereotypes of older people.

Fiction is fiction. Some fiction is far out, but I have to believe that in every work that is written there is a small part of the author hidden somewhere in the characters or a detail in the book. An author that writes from the heart has to unknowingly include some of themselves in the book. That at least, is my opinion.

One of my relatives is exploring the words that are in his soul. When he writes from the heart, whether it be fiction or reality, it draws you in, and lets you live in his world through his words. When he tries to conform to what others expect him to write it loses something in translation. The heart is not in the writing.

I freelance with my writing for newspapers and magazines. I can’t do the town council meeting, the school board agenda or other reality world writing. I can do human interest and lose myself and my heart in someone else’s story so I can create a story that will move others hearts. Each story, though it is about others, has a piece of my heart in that story.


Granny Hooks A Crook and Granny Skewers A Scoundrel may seem silly and totally fun. There is a part of me every day that wants to escape from the reality we all call life. There is a part of the real me in these silly books every time Granny takes a drink of coffee or lets her heart be touched by her menagerie of animals. There is a part of the real me in making Granny over the top. I would love old age to look the way Granny lives it. I would love to live in a community like Fuchsia that accepts the quirkiness and the differences in people and embraces it. Yes, it is wild and over the top but would the world be better if we took time to live in a fantasy Fuchsia world for a few minutes every day?

There is a part of me in my books that mourns in real life the way Granny mourns when someone dies in Fuchsia. There is a part of me in my books when Granny and the residents of Fuchsia pick themselves back up and keep going after a tragedy. Fuchsians just do it in a little funnier way.

We all have something in our life that is our main stay, something that gives us comfort, something that we reach for when everything else in our life has failed. For me and for Granny that mainstay has been coffee. My cup of coffee is held tightly when I am sad or angry. My cup of coffee is held reverently when I am breathing deep and enjoying the fact that I woke up to see another day. My cup of coffee is there when I greet friends and offer them a cup that says: Have a Rainbow Day.

What is the Coffee in your life? If you know what it is, embrace it, share it. You may be the cream and sugar of someone’s life.



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