Author Molly MacRae drops by with a few words about a killer combo.

Artic Molly (2) croppedP1020649Combining writing and a day job—is it a walk in the park or is it a killer combo? I’d say it’s neither. Combining writing and a day job is more like running a marathon while knitting a scarf. Did you know there are people who actually do that? They run 26 miles while playing with sharp sticks. Now that takes stamina and skill. And a touch of . . . we’ll be polite and call it eccentricity. Combining writing and a day job isn’t like that. It isn’t an accident waiting to happen; it only takes lots of hours and a love of ignoring housework.

Here’s my typical day: up at 5; feed the cat; write until 7; eat breakfast; walk to work (rain, shine, or polar vortex); work; gobble lunch and spend the rest of the lunch hour writing at my desk; work; walk home; make supper; write until bedtime; fall into bed. The walk to and from work is useful. It gives me a daily dose of exercise and fresh air. It also gives me time to mull the story I’m working on in relative safety. I don’t have to worry about operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of mulling a story; I only have to worry about tripping over uneven sidewalks. On days that I don’t go to the day job . . . I write.

Knot_the_usual_suspectsI feel incredibly lucky to have both the writing and the day job. I’m also incredibly lucky to have guys at home who pitch in and cook a couple of times a week and do dishes and laundry. And there’s also the cat that fills a key supervisory role by sitting on my lap or hanging on my shoulder when I type. So, what’s it like to be writing a mystery series while working full-time? A glib answer is that I sleep well whenever my head actually hits the pillow. The honest answer is that I love it.

Check out Molly’s page and get to know the Haunted Yarn Shop series!

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