Published by: Andrews McMeel Publishing

Brought to you by Dimity McDowell and Sarah Bowen Shea, this is a keeper of a book to either read in sections, settle in for an evening of inspiration, or slap sticky notes all over for ongoing advice and pointers. This book is not just for runners, but for women who have experienced divorce, health scares, depression, grief, teenagers, heck this book is for everyone. Mixed in with very personal stories of trials and heartaches are uplifting anecdotes, quotes and comments from women, with sometimes just a bit more information than you probably thought you’d ever need to read.

These women were so familiar, and I felt as if I met them at various points in my life. The authors conducted survey questions and delivered well assembled and neatly reported results. One question was “What about running makes you smile.” Some answers will be heartwarming, some will set you into fits of giggles. The interviews are honest and surprising. My favorites are what a mother runner looks like at each decade, the unsolicited advice starting on page 92, and the “Today I ran…” section.  I have sticky notes on many pages for those “I can’t do this” moments. I just love this book and have to get the first one so I can meet these ladies from the beginning.  I’m pretty sure I won’t get to the running level of some of these women, well most of them, okay all but two, but this book makes me feel good about today. 

If you are not quite the badass mother runner as these authors, that’s okay. They are kind, understanding, and very encouraging to us beginners. Should you for a minute think you can’t do something or something is too hard, grab a highlighter and mark my favorite quote: “You are more badass than you thought.” Do get this fantastic book and join the mother runner club. Even if you are not a runner – yet.