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The road to self-publishing is long but rewarding. SBP was formed to help you, the self-published author, through the steps needed to get your book into the hands of readers. How much help you need is up to you.

Editing? Check out the pages on line editing or developmental coaching. Or do you need assistance with page formatting, layout, cover recommendations, or uploading?


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Paul Bunyan, Two Old Men, and a Wizard

May, Bob: Paul Bunyan, Two Old Men, and a Wizard

Introducing Fifteen New Plays for Your Reading or Production Award-winning playwright, Bob May, has been produced all over the world with his popular plays Beanie and the Bamboozling Book Machine, ...
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Scriptwriting Structure

May, Bob: Scriptwriting Structure

Scriptwriting Structure: To-the-Point Pointers Bob May has spun Aristotle’s theories and modern practices together to form his own structural techniques that have led to twenty-five of his scripts being published ...
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The Process of Play Directing

May, Bob: The Process of Play Directing

Bob May, director of over 450 plays and with forty-eight years of theatrical experience, shares his winning directorial process in an easy-to-read, exciting way. Using examples from productions he directed, Bob ...
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Earth Works

Ballard, H. Byron: Earth Works – Ceremonies in Tower Time

We wander through woods, on a path well trod. Single file sometimes but best in groups that chat and laugh and look forward. In the clearing there, up ahead—an old ...
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Embracing Willendorf by Byron Ballard

Ballard, H. Byron: Embracing Willendorf

This is a saga both serious and ridiculous of how the author came to love her body and listen to it, even when it whispered nonsensical things.  Embracing Willendorf: A ...
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Ballard, H. Byron: Staubs and Ditchwater

After years of pondering, Byron Ballard has written a primer for the kind of magic she practices. Driven to it by colleagues, friends and students, writing this little book is ...
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Asfidity and Mad-Stones Byron Ballard

Ballard, H. Byron: Asfidity and Mad-Stones

Asfidity & Mad-Stones: A Further Ramble Through Hillfolks' Hoodoo Sharing these practices and this beloved but fading culture has led me far afield, teaching and speaking. I’ve rambled from the ...
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Whistle Stop Mystery

Seedorf, Julie: A Small Town Can Be Murder

A Small Town Can Be #Murder You've heard the story: big-city girl moves to a small town and lives happily ever after. That’s not the forever-after Angel Delaight found when ...
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