Penderghast Puzzle Protectors by Julie Seedorf, Julie visits The Editing Pen

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Julie Seedorf’s newest puzzle is a fun visit!

Granny and Jezabelle are in the house!

We puzzled over how to get Granny and Jezabelle in the same room. It took a lot of donuts, photos of Robert Redford, and several pots of coffee, but they took the bait and showed up.  Listen in on their conversation below, then leave a comment and tell us your favorite type or flavor of donut.


Jezabelle Jingle: Granny what are you doing in Brilliant. Didn’t I tell my niece Delight to keep you in Fuchsia?

Hermiony: Don’t get your knits in a stitch Jezabelle, I came to interview you for Fuchsia’s newspaper. Can’t give you a name for the newspaper right now because we are renaming it to better reflect our condition. So right now we call it the Newspaper.

Jezabelle: What condition?

Granny: Well you know you have to drop in to see what condition our condition is in if you want to know. That’s why we had to change the name. It wasn’t in good condition.

Jezabelle: You never make sense so I guess I better answer your questions or I’ll be thinking like you.

Granny: I hear someone called Warbler fell through a floor. Actually I saw the picture on the front page of The Brilliant Times Chronicle. Have to check out what my neighboring community is doing.

Jezabelle: Yes, yes he did.

Granny: That’s all you’ve got to say?

Jezabelle: Yes.

Granny: Fine. I hear that someone stole a piece of his floor and you’re all in danger.

Jezabelle: Yes and No.

Granny: Yes and no what! Delight didn’t tell me you were a woman of a few words.

Jezabelle: Well, you’re lucky you’re not talking to Rock Stone. This interview would take a little longer since he is man of a lot of words spoken very slowly.

Granny: Who is Rock Stone?

Jezabelle: He’s my neighbor. Comes home every night at 10:00 p.m., revs his car engine once, smokes a cigarette and goes into the house. That’s all you’re going to get from me about him. And if you ask him it’s going to take you a long time to listen to his answer.

Granny: Alrighty let’s ah, move on. I hear you have some hotspots for entertainment here. Like ah, the police station. I understand you and your neighbors have spent a little bit of time there.

Jezabelle: Who told you that? Yes, they have great movies there. We watched the Birdman of Alcatraz and The Great Escape while we were there although Warbler thought Birdman of Alcatraz was an environmental movie about birds.

Granny: So tell me about this Warbler. Is he a singer?

Jezabelle: No

Granny: Well we’re back to yes and no. That will be good if you ever testify in a trial. Let’s try this: in one word how would you describe Warbler.

Jezabelle: In two words. Mary Poppins.

Granny: Snoop Steckle, your newspaper guru tells me that you have organized the Penderghast Puzzle Protectors against Chief of Police Hank Hardy’s wishes. I understand Hank Hardy used to be sweet on you so did you think you could work your old woman wiles on him? And I understand the Puzzle Protectors are a front for some secret puzzle shenanigans here in Brilliant and the dead body. Did the Puzzle Protectors have anything to do with the death? Did you, did you?

Jezabelle: Snoop Steckle’s reporting is questionable at best. What are you doing? Back away! I’m warning you. What is that long hatpin you just pulled out of your hat and why are you pointing it at me? This is my town, Hermiony Vidalia Criony Fiddlestadt, and I don’t care if my niece is your friend and I am not scared of that long hatpin. I know you only use it on the pilferers in Fuchsia.

Granny: Well aren’t you the little sparkly Jingle. I’ve got enough but I must tell you Jezabelle, you should visit Red Hot Momma’s Boutique here in Brilliant. That’s the real reason I came over here today but…thought you might need my help and I couldn’t resist a little snooping. If ya ever need me, you know where to find me and– Jezabelle, don’t tell my kids I was here or Silas. If you do I might then have to use the hatpin on you. They are close to putting me in the wrinkle farm again. Something about me becoming more forgetful. Where am I?

Jezabelle: Brilliant Minnesota! Next time you come, we’ll have our puzzle solved and then I’ll take you over to the BeDazzle Brewery. I hear you like to wine and dine and rhyme.

Granny: Good luck on the puzzle, the thieves you will muzzle. We’ll take the time to wine and dine, you crack the case, use a vase. Call me if you need me. I’ll come as long as you feed me. Toodles.

Jezabelle: And next time, Granny, I’ll meet you at Red Hot Momma’s Boutique, but it’s our little secret. I’ll tell you my secret. Red Hot Momma’s is red hot in my book.

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