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Raining Cats


Dear Lucy:

It’s raining cats at my house! I’ve got a stack of new urban fantasy books to read, but my cat keeps climbing on my tea table, then leaping onto my lap, right on top of the open pages. How am I supposed to escape into this great story?

Sincerely, Raining Cats and Cats  


Dear Raining Cats,

Try to gently whisker away, or if that doesn’t work, paws for a catnap until you’re feline better, then hopefully she’ll have wandered off and you can return to your book. It’s possible she just misses you and needs love and affection, in which case maybe you could give her some cuddles? It could be worse. She could hiss and growl and refuse to come near you, which would be catastrophic.


Raining cats
Lucy Leaf and Betsy Bean

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