Ruby of Siam

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Ruby of Siam

Nancy Jill Thames
A Jillian Bradley Mystery

Take time out of your day to travel with Jillian and Teddy in Ruby of Siam by Nancy Jill Thames. Jillian and her sweet dog seem to always stumble into murder, and then have to solve their way out of it. Start with Murder in Half Moon Bay, and travel with Jillian through The Ruby of Siam. You’ll visit a horticulture conference, a family reunion in Pacific Beach, explore the exciting city of London, enjoy savory cuisine, breathe in coastal views, and hang out with Jillian’s best friends and co-sleuths.

The plots get nicely twisted but Jillian ‘doggedly’ pursues trails and leads until justice is served. This series features smart women, fresh settings, and the cutest little sidekick around. Although I started with book one and leaped right into book seven, I enjoyed the strong friendships of Jillian’s friends and the attention to detail touring one of my favorite cities. This story will keep you on your toes as one thing after another sends Jillian along a breathless path of discoveries. Jillian clearly loves her little dog Teddy and her compassionate treatment of the canine is sweet and lovely to experience. Heck, the author’s descriptions of the English breakfasts alone are enough to send you googling for a plane ticket to London. While not a Christian, I was not deterred by insertions of Jillian’s strong faith as it seemed appropriate to character revelation and development. I’m really glad I met Jillian, and fans of solid cozies with a Christian atmosphere will enjoy this series.

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