Hearing Voices in a Scottish Bookshop

A Cracked Spine by Paige Shelton, Scottish Bookshop Mysteries

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Doesn’t everyone? I enjoyed book one of this Scottish Bookshop Mystery so much that I will plead and hang out in front of the author’s house until book two comes out. In this new series, Delaney Nichols is laid off from her job as a museum archivist. She applies for a position at a bookshop in Edinburgh, Scotland. That was all I needed to grab this book and dive in. I had not read any of Ms. Shelton’s books before, and this was a fabulous introduction to her work. This book was so easy to read. The paragraphs smoothly transitioned between description and engaging dialogue, and the cluttered shops, old cottages, and questionable apartment buildings were easy to visualize. So was the kilted pub owner. Delaney’s internal commentary is fun without going overboard, and the surrounding characters are interesting, appealing, and delightful with their own secrets and shadows. I gasped when, during a dangerous struggle, a certain something happens to a certain treasured manuscript. You’ll know what I mean. And how nice to meet a cool female protagonist who hears voices in her head too. Well she hears the characters from classics to contemporary fiction.  Take a look at this Scottish Bookshop mystery. You’ll have such fun!

Paige Shelton


One other note. Ms. Shelton is super nice. Take a look at her webpage here, and send her a friend request on Facebook here. She has other books out with different themes, so you are sure to find a fun, new read.

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