Dear Lucy Leaf,

I enjoy sitting outside in the morning with a fresh cup of coffee and scrolling through my social media feeds. Along with my favorite cozy author pages, I enjoy a local college newspaper. Lately there’s a mean guy who posts horrible comments on the student newspaper. That he hates. But he’s there every day. Do I engage? Reply? Ignore? Why is he even there if he doesn’t like anything the students write?


To Post or  Not to Post



Pretty teacup on a wooden table.Dear Shakespeare-to-be:

First toss out that coffee and brew fresh tea instead. Let’s keep that between you and me and not tell my sister, Betsy Bean. Then keep in mind that the mean poster has no life and hopes to rile up Gen Z solely for his lonely existence. There are some options you could try. Let me know if you do.

Option A: Ignore the guy.
Option B: Block his comments.
Option C: Post the same funny cartoon reply that has nothing to do with his comments. Same cartoon on every single post and reply of his. Such fun.
Option D: Reply to all his comments and replies to replies with “Could you be more specific?”
Option E: Let me have a go at this guy.

I have a few cozy authors I can recommend should you need a social media break. Good luck and keep scrolling!

Sincerely, LL


Readers, do you have an effective solution to dealing with a mean social media poster? Email Lucy Leaf or leave a comment below.

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