Sherlock’s Home

by Pamela Rose
Welcome to the world of Finn and Echo Sherlock, owners of a mystery bookstore and an adjacent bakery located at the far side of the Chattahoochee National Forest. The small town of Leapers Point provides a comfortable setting for the relocated twins, and, of course, dear Uncle Oz. Author Pamela Rose smoothly glides you into the fixings and happenings as the women get ready for Halloween. Oz will delight you with his quirky little self. He is set loose to come up with the titles of events and goodies, such as “Tea Who Must Be Obeyed.” In a southernly casual and relaxed pace, we fall into the lives of these three, learning about their characters, the behind the scenes of the book and bakery business, and just when you smell fresh baked muffins waft up from the pages, someone goes and gets murdered. The twins’ dialogue is initially too similar to each other’s and I had trouble ascertaining who said what. My playwriting professor told us to hide all the character names and see if our fellow critiquers could figure out who said what based on cadence, word choices, and sentence structure. A great exercise for any writer. Here, I could not tell which twin was which until Finn slowly took the lead. And then we are rewarded with her boldness – quite a fun surprise!

Stop in the bookstore and tag along with these very likeable ladies. You’ll be welcomed with scrumptious treats, the latest books for sale, an odd little guy with a huge heart, and a wee romance a-baking with the town’s sheriff. But don’t get too cozy with this cozy. You will be startled to learn who dunnit.

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A much deserved Caribbean Cruise over the Christmas holiday has left the Sherlock family relaxed and ready for anything…or so they think. That’s until they come home to discover that the town’s favorite son, Sheriff Wavy Davey, and Finn Sherlock’s favorite hunk has met his maker beneath the waves of Lake Loveless…a name which now seems only too appropriate to the grieving Finn Sherlock. Indubitably, the well-laid plans of mice and women have gone awry at Sherlock’s Home Mystery Bookstore and the 221b Bakery. As the one-year anniversary looms ahead nothing is as it should be. The Sherlocks’ other personal relationships have gone askew in a similar fashion. Echo has become particularly adept at aborning the new before the old has barely set sail into the Caribbean sunset, taking on a definite international flair as she gets involved first with a Norwegian ship’s officer but soon appears to rebound, ooh-la-la, into the equally enticing arms of a delectable French chef. Even the newly reinvented Uncle Oz has turned himself into the dashing man about town, or so it appears as the flashy red Corvette would seem to indicate and the even flashier redhead on his arm. Unbelievably, Oz might be abandoning bakery treats to brainstorm treatises at a magazine dedicated to all things spooky and strange. If the Sherlocks’ personal upheaval isn’t enough, another death occurs and Finn is called in to determine if somehow the newly deceased might just not be linked to the demise of her personal sheriff. Throw in the capers of the decidedly bacon-flavored zaney Maneys and the hot-to-trot nonagenarian, Eula May Binks, and the Sherlocks, individually and collectively, just might be in danger of losing their grip in Sherlock’s Home: The Adventure of the Indigo Inkster.

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