So you’ve got a short story you want published?

Author T. C. Michael dropped by to reveal his new guidebook full of publishing information for the short story author.

Short Story Pro Market Publishing Guidebook

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The idea to write this book was a result of my frustration when I was trying to find publishers for my short stories. Sure, there are paying publishers out there, but how well do they actually pay? That began a grueling search for well-paying publishers. Searching for publishers, especially legitimate publishers, takes a lot of time and patience.
As I sat in front of a computer screen and flipped through pages of books, I came to the conclusion that writers needed a better method for finding the perfect publisher that will pay the best rates. I was wasting too much valuable time searching when instead I could apply myself to submitting my stories, writing queries or even revising editor feedback. 
After coming up with the idea to create a reference book solely for short stories, I decided I wanted it to concentrate on the best paying publishers in the market. So, this book lists only the publishers that fall under the professional paying tier.
I went beyond what any competition might offer by listing not only short story publishers of fiction but nearly all other short form publishers. Ranging from historical and creative nonfiction to religion and travel. Not only will you find all of the major genres inside, but you will also find niche magazines and children’s publishers. Still, I took it a step further. Of the 150+ publishers I researched and listed, I noted which ones publish things other than short stories. Including flash fiction, poetry, novellas, facts, articles, games, etc. 
I added more than just the necessary information for every publisher. I want the author to know everything about the publisher. Not just the basics such as contact information and where to submit, but also the publishers pay rate, editors contact, accepted documents, required length(s), accepted genres, publisher’s country, rights requested, etc. I want the user of this book to get the biggest bang out of their buck. This book is concise, to the point, and just what you need to get your short story out there in the hands of readers.
That is my story behind Short Story Pro Market 2017.
TC Michael

Short Story Pro Market 2017
Author: TC Michael
Genre: Nonfiction Reference / Guidebook

Short Story Pro Market is a reference book created to assist you in the publication process of your short stories. It will help guide you in finding a publisher by providing you with the necessary information needed. There are over 150 publishers listed inside. Think of this book as a “tool”, one you can constantly look back on with any questions you may have. This book is designed to provide as detailed information about each publisher as possible, as long as the information is necessary in submitting to a given publisher.
Short Story Pro Market provides authors a huge head start in finding a publisher by helping you avoid agonizing over countless grueling hours of online searches, comparisons, queries, and complications. You save precious time by having everything in one place from publisher names and websites to the accepted document format. It’s all inside.

Author Bio
TC Michael was born and raised in small town USA where he grew up with a large family. He’s always been an epic daydreamer with a wild imagination. He currently lives in northern Utah where he’s working on his next great novel and enjoying life. When he’s not writing, he’s hanging out with family, reading, or enjoying the outdoors. TC has wanted to be an author his whole life, but never thought it would happen. Now, he is working hard on making his dream come true.

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This reference guide differs from other popular guides in several ways. First and foremost, this book is narrowed down specifically for short story writers who only want to submit to publishers who pay a professional rate. This means that lower paying markets are not listed. Writers should always submit to the best and highest paying publishers first. Short Story Pro Market is written to be short, because I do not list novel publishers, poetry publishers, specific trade journals, contests or literary agencies. It is organized for short story publishers only. Also, you will not find writing tips, author brand information, promotional material, etc. This makes it easier for you to get straight to the submissions without being bogged down by extra information, which is often unnecessary in short story submissions. Due to this book being short and directly to the point, it is cheaper than competitors’ guides.
Inside you will find SFWA (Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America), MWA (Mystery Writers of America), and other pro publishers outside of these group. Some publishers are working on becoming part of an organization but haven’t reached all the requirements yet. If the publisher listed is part of an organization, it will be mentioned under the publisher’s information.

Thanks, TC, for visiting ePen.
Good luck, authors!

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