A Skeleton in the Family

A single mom, a teenaged daughter, and the life of an adjunct professor. Sure sounds familiar. Well except for the walking, talking skeleton part. We do not have a skeleton clattering about our little house. But after reading this very charming cozy, I’d like to have one.

Leigh Perry delivers a funny tale, real characters, and a peek into the oh-so-true life of the peasantry – the adjunct professor. There were several things I enjoyed here – the clean, smart use of our dear vocabulary, the interplay between mother and daughter, and the methodical way Georgia researches and analyzes clues, as if I were right along sleuthing with her. Then there’s Sid. The household skeleton, Georgia’s BFF, and a character in his own right. Although some needed paranormal explanations kept me from total suspension of disbelief, I finally settled into the fact that Sid can deliver sound without vocal chords. And while I wondered more than once why smart Georgia didn’t delve into how Sid was ambulatory or by what source of energy was used to hold “`dem bones” together, I soon gave up wondering because I just liked everyone so darn much. Well the good guys. Because there are bad guys in this story. Georgia and Sid are about to discover some long-dead secrets. And Sid’s “life” is about to be turned upside down. I had such a stressful week at work, but reading this story cheered me, charmed me, and left me smiling for more.

Visit Leigh Perry and Sid here!

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