A Study in Temperance

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A Study in Temperance

Series: The Adventures of Ichabod Temperance

Genre: Steampunk

I had no idea Steampunk could be so fun. Heck, I had no idea what Steampunk was. So I thought I’d give A Study in Temperance a try. Written by Ichabod Temperance, this book is a flurry of activity and dastardly detecting. And a quest to save the planet. I did have trouble with the repetitive use of names back and forth. There are other ways to indicate who is speaking than constant use of each other’s names during conversation. I also found it rather odd to have the character describe action and nonverbal reaction as part of his dialog. Is that a Steampunk thing? It could also just be the author’s style as I have not read his prior books. I’ll have to investigate. There are several books in this series, and this one was lighthearted and full of flair, yet very much in need of editing. However, it was a fun new genre for me and intriguing enough to get me looking for other Steampunk titles to enjoy. Do give it a try for a cheery romp through London.

Tidbits about Steampunk:
The Steampunk classification emerged in the late 1980s and focuses on Victorian England or America’s Wild West (remember that show?). It’s a subgenre of science fiction and fantasy and incorporates speculative fiction elements along with steam-powered machinery, design, and technology from the nineteenth century. You may have heard of Jules Verne and H.G. Wells. Seems like Warehouse 13 could be Steampunk and League of Extraordinary Gentlemen?

What do you think of Steampunk? Any recommendations for me as I delve into this new (for me) genre?


“Gee, Miss Plumtartt, after our calamitous arrival on this unsuspecting city, do you think we are still under threat of imminent murder by gangs of assorted, yet stylish, assassins?” “I say, I do fear this to be the case, Mr. Temperance. The machinations of intrigue are not unlike one of your ingenious spring-driven contraptions, sir. Yes, plots boil and swarms of suspicious characters are at our every turn, eh hem?” “Yes, Ma’am, Miss Plumtartt, Ma’am. It’s a good thing we have enlisted the assistance of this notorious, Victorian-era London detective to assist us in this baffling murder mystery adventure, for I fear there is more to this tale than meets the eye!”

Steampunk TemperanceExcerpt:
Detective Sergeant Basel Wrathebone turns his supercilious eyes upon me. From beneath ponderously languid lids and over the Gibraltar-like extension of his nose, the official investigator peruses his accouter.

“Mmm-nnn-y-y-y-e-e-e-sss, I know you. You’re that amateur sleuth who keeps snooping around on our city’s crime scenes. Pray, stay back young man. Do not interfere with the official force and the execution of our duties. This is an official investigation and not fodder for your ceaseless curiosity.”

“Yes, of course, Detective Wrathebone, I merely wished to avail myself of the opportunity to study under the wing of a master such as yourself. May I please accompany you on this investigation? My crude talents may actually prove useful to you.”

“Ah, hem. Yes. But no. Perhaps on another occasion. In the mean time, I am afraid I must instruct my officers to block you from trespass with a promise of incarceration if disobeyed. Goodnight, young man.”


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Ichabod Temperance lives in picturesque Irondale, Alabama, USA, along with his lovely, gracious, and kind muse, Miss Persephone Plumtartt, and their furry pack family.
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