UnOriginal Sin by Pat Herbert

Review by Julie S., Staff Reviewer
Jack the Ripper. Much has been written about the famous serial killer alive in the 1800s, who preyed on prostitutes in and around the White Chapel District in London.  He was never caught, but he lives on in writer’s imaginations, who when putting pen to paper, have left their mark on the investigation. Writers who give us fodder to think that their theories over the years may have solved the crime. Unoriginal Sin by Pat Herbert is no different.

The characters in the work are solid and believable. So is the story. The 1800s, a time lending itself to a mystery in how people lived their lives, only revealing what they wanted those who knew them to know. Each person, holding a secret, but is their secret enough to make them a killer? The author takes us there. Each person’s life can be a mystery waiting to be revealed, and Jack the Ripper in this novel certainly holds the biggest secret. Be prepared for surprises, twists, and turns and the surprise conclusion.

I would recommend this version of Jack the Ripper to anyone interested in a good mystery. You may come away with an entirely different idea of who might have been missed by authorities in 1888. Why? Because they were not looking in the right place. This book is an interesting, solid read.

About Pat Herbert

Pat Herbert lives in London, England, and works as an administrator and receptionist at a private health clinic. She worked previously as PA to the Managing Director of Thomson Books before they were taken over by Penguin.
In her novels she likes to include all the hallmarks of a traditionally British murder-mystery series including quirky characters, dark deeds, humorous misunderstandings, a touch of the supernatural, and cozy cups of tea.

About the Book:

The date 1888; the place Whitechapel in London’s East End. Yes, it is the time of the unholy, but mercifully brief, reign of Jack the Ripper.

Prostitutes are being viciously murdered by an unknown assailant and, as the murders become ever more horrific, young Polish immigrant, Jacek Kaminski, is gradually suspected of being the perpetrator. He even begins to suspect so himself, being subject to blackouts during which he has no recollection of what he has done.

But can it be true? Can he ever be sure? We follow Jacek’s trials and tribulations in this highly fanciful story of just one possible solution to the Ripper case.

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