Visiting Authors

There are just never enough books. 

Well, here is a place to get to know the wonderful authors who write them. 


These authors share their characters, setting, and snippets, or they braved an interview to reveal their writing processes, strange research methods, weapons of choice, struggles, tips, and joys! And learn what weird things they keep on their desks. 

Brew up some coffee or tea and enjoy. Feel free to comment on the posts and visit the authors’ links. They would love to hear from you!

Jeanne Blasberg, Campuses and Secret Societies: The Nine

Inside the Tea Room with Jeanne Blasberg, author of The Nine Hello Jeanne! It’s so nice to see you again. We ...
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Marlene Bell, Counting Sheep, and a Yacht.

Hi, Marlene! I’m so glad you made it here to chat today! Love the location you chose. Here, take a ...
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C.A. Larmer sails by for a visit.

Hello, we are so glad to have you here at Epen! Guests, please say hello to author C. A. Larmer ...
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Charles Soto on genre, imagery, and Las Vegas

Author and artist Charles Soto is here to talk about his book Heartache and Sin and share his writing tips and ...
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Murder Is a Dirty Business with Tricia Sanders

Tricia Sanders convinces us that Murder Is a Dirty Business! Thank you for stopping by. Make yourself comfy. I have ...
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Murder Mysteries, Interviewing Witnesses, and a Turtle

I recently met this sweet author in a Facebook group and just had to have her visit and talk about ...
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Writing a relatable memoir – by Linda Strader

Author Linda Strader is here to talk with us about writing memoirs and Summers of Fire. Check out her bio ...
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Your story’s pacing – by author Rae Franklin James

Is your middle feeling sluggish? The middle of your manuscript, I mean. It could be your pacing. Read on to ...
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A Big “What If” with Gerry Schmitt

Do you look around during the day and wonder what if? What if that happened, what if people really had ...
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Gilian Baker shows us how the magic is in the process

Do you have a set routine to get you going on that first draft? How do you handle a twist ...
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Diana Paul is Loving the Dark Side

How flawed is your character? We want our characters to be real, flawed, and complex. So where do you draw ...
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Julie’s Coffee Cup with a Dollop of Granny

Granny, Julie, and Coffee by Julie Seedorf, Author of the Fuschia, Minnesota Mysteries I can’t imagine a life without coffee ...
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