Visiting Authors

There are just never enough books. 

Well, here is a place to get to know the wonderful authors who write them. 


These authors share their characters, setting, and snippets, or they braved an interview to reveal their writing processes, strange research methods, weapons of choice, struggles, tips, and joys! And learn what weird things they keep on their desks. 

Brew up some coffee or tea and enjoy. Feel free to comment on the posts and visit the authors’ links. They would love to hear from you!

Jeanne Blasberg, Campuses and Secret Societies: The Nine

Inside the Tea Room with Jeanne Blasberg, author of The Nine Hello Jeanne! It’s so nice to see you again. We sure covered a lot of territory last time, including your writing strategy and the impact of your family life on your writing. Before we start, ...
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Marlene Bell, Counting Sheep, and a Yacht.

Hi, Marlene! I’m so glad you made it here to chat today! Love the location you chose. Here, take a fresh chocolate-chip cookie from the bag. MB: They’re sinful— lots of chips in them. Mmm. Thank you. What a great idea to meet up at ...
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C.A. Larmer sails by for a visit.

Hello, we are so glad to have you here at Epen! Guests, please say hello to author C. A. Larmer. Is that a gift? For me? I love it! CA: Isn’t it wonderful? That’s the beautiful old steamship that I based my second Agatha Christie ...
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