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What makes a cozy mystery?

  • An amateur sleuth. A protagonist who could be me or you, just a regular person.
  • A small-town setting. Community is key here. A local area where we can get to know the village or town citizens and take a visit to an interesting location. And inhale the aroma of freshly baked cinnamon scones from the main character’s kitchen… yum.
  • No graphic sex or violence. Sure, there’s a dead body somewhere, but the focus is on the clues and suspects, not the gore. And romance? The protagonist can have a partner or romantic interest, but it’s just not the main focus or plot of the story. Give us red herrings, misdirection, twists and turns, and more puzzles to solve!
  • A cozy mystery is typically part of a series. We love to get to know the characters and follow them from one book to the next. I’m fond of themed cozies. Tea shop settings, coffee shop settings, British villages, and protagonists with interesting day jobs.
  • Examples: I love these cozy authors! Cleo Coyle, Laura Childs, Molly MacRae, C.A. Larmer, Julie Seedorf, M.C. Beaton, Lucy Arlington, Kate Kingsbury, Sandra Balzo, Cindy Brown

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Scriptwriting Structure Bob May has spun Aristotle’s theories and modern practices together to form his own structural techniques that have led to twenty-five of his scripts being published and hundreds of productions around the world. The right-to-the-point nature of the storytelling will make you feel as though Mr. May is talking directly to you, teaching his valuable lessons on: dramatic action character objectives formatting plays or screenplays understanding PASTO Aristotle’s Six Key Elements in the writing of scripts Writing scripts that work can be a solitary business, but with this book, you have a friend by your side.

MRS. GRAMMAR PERSON ADMIRES ADVERBS Are you as fond of adverbs as we are? We have been waiting for months for Mrs. Grammar Person to return. Have you read her other posts? She is such a delight that we've created her own slideshow of posts. Click HERE for more grammar fun! And you say you want more? Well check out this adorable book full of grammar and tea treats: And now Mrs.  Grammar Person has a few things to say: Fear not, Gentle Writer, Mrs. Grammar Person is here and intends to make adverbs perfectly clear. Adverbs are our versatile friends ...
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Mrs. Grammar Person’s Ode to Homophones When I give my assent, it means I concur, but my rapid ascent means I fly like a bird. (I just love homophones, don't you?) I compliment you when I say something kind, like your meal is superb and complements the wine. (Unless, of course, your food is talking to your wine, then you've had too much to drink.) News that is current is fresh and brand new, but if I give you a currant, I have a raisin for you. (Warm cinnamon buns with raisins—yum!) A cursor is the arrow on your computer ...
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Barbara Venkataraman is back with another sweet verse for our ears. Fear not, Gentle Writer, for Mrs. Grammar Person, hearing your sighs and seeing your furrowed brows, is delighted to offer her assistance once again. She knows the source of your consternation, the impetus for your aggravation; more absurd than an irregular verb is the mixed-up sound of an irregular noun. When mouse becomes mice and louse becomes lice--it's truly enough to make you think twice. These three nouns are also offbeat: tooth becomes teeth, goose becomes geese and foot becomes feet. But some nouns don’t change, and that is ...
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Mrs. Grammar Person would not abandon you to your own devices simply because the holidays are upon us. To the contrary, it is the time of year when Mrs. G.P. frets most about her devoted fans. During this, the gift-giving season, you must remember that, try as you might, you will never find the most unique gift for that special someone. Unique means one-of-a-kind; therefore, one gift cannot be more or less unique than any other. But, whichever gift you choose, Mrs. G.P. is sure that you will delight the recipient! In addition to gifts, the holidays provide us with bountiful treats. Everybody loves these treats ...
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Ms. Grammar Person would not abandon you in your hour of need--not when you face potential pitfalls at every turn: an avalanche of apostrophes, a mountain of misplaced modifiers, and a desert of dangling participles. The horror! In truth, Mrs. G. P. gets it, but fervently hopes that "get" is a word you choose to forget. Excellent writing, (the only kind that merits discussion) has no place for such a silly word, a word tossed about hither and yon, a word which is the first and last resort of a lazy lay-about. When Mrs. G.P. reads that it's time to ...
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Fear not, Gentle Writer, Mrs. Grammar Person, heeding your cry for help, has returned, delighted to be of service once again. Like you, Mrs. G.P revels in the knowledge that, while fashions may come and go (both the tasteful and the tacky), exceptional grammar never goes out of style. It is her fervent hope that her words of wisdom serve to complement your knowledge so that you receive nothing but compliments on your writing. Mrs. G.P. marvels at the difference a single letter can make! She knows that the effect of her words deeply affect you. Especially once you come ...
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Jamie Quinn mysteries by Barbara Venkataraman from the desk of Mz. Grammar Person Fear not, Gentle Writer, for help has arrived.  Rest assured that your grimaces and groans, your grinding of teeth has not gone unnoticed. And, because Mrs. Grammar Person abhors the grinding of perfectly good teeth, she has agreed to impart her timely wisdom to those afflicted with self-doubt. In a stage whisper, Mrs. Grammar Person explains that although she is your true friend, spell-check is not. Spell-check is fickle and delights in trickery. He will make you believe that it's morning when, in fact, you're in mourning, ...
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